Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Baby hatch and dancing boys shame

I have read this on the KambingBujang blog 'Why Introducing Baby Hatch Is A Really Bad Idea'.
'The Baby Hatch has been introduced in Malaysia. Yes. Another step, I shall say giant step, toward higher society; to make our country a better place. The statistic showed that dumping the babies cases are surprisingly increasing every year, where 407 babies were abandoned throughout 2005 to 2008.'
It's not that I think a baby hatch is a bad idea. It's just that it's a shame that one is required. What is also a shame is that this blogger is more worried about Islamic image. They write 'I think the hatch is a really, really, bad idea. In the a long term, another problems emerge on our Islamic society, which give us nightmare and bad image as an Islamic country.'

If I was this blogger, I would be more worried about the reasons why this hatch is required. Sometimes I do wonder what kind of world we are living in. Of course this is the same world where boys are dressed up as women and then sexually abused in the name of tradition, see dancing boys of Afghanistan.

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