Thursday, 23 September 2010

BBC Question Time Live Chat 23 September 2010 #bbcqt

Matt Raven is running the BBC Question Time Live Chat 23 September 2010 #bbcqt this week.
As readers will know Mark Reckons used to run this live chat and last week I covered the Labour Party Leadership Special Question Time live chat. I made an agreement with Matt Raven after we both saw a live chat gap in the market. I won't beable to regularly man a live chat and therefore can't commit. So it is Time for Matt to take up the mantle. The next 3 Question Times are from the party conferences (although Liberal Democrat Conference is now over).
So this week from Liverpool will be Vince Cable Lib Dem MP and Business Secretary, Caroline Flint Labour MP for Don Valley, Ian Hislop Editor of Private Eye and Have I got News for you fame, Mehdi Hasan of New Statesman and our almost local MP for Wokingham, John Redwood.

Please pop over their from 10.30pm today.

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