Thursday, 16 September 2010

Lib Dem Conference diary Update

This weekend I will be away from the Blog and Bracknell at the Liberal Democrat conference in Liverpool. I will try to bring reports or pictures if anything interesting happens (like these planned protests). It will be interesting for me to see more media and high security at a Liberal Democrat Conference.
I thought it would be a good idea to list my program for Saturday and Sunday just in-case any other readers are attending the conference as there is an opportunity to meet. Sunday evening I will be in Manchester as I am staying with a friend.
Lib Dem Conference plan
In addition to my visits to the main hall I will be attending a number fringe events;
18.30 - 19-30 Yes to reform! Winning the battle
With Nick Clegg and guests. A rally with the Electoral Reform Society to launch Liberal Democrat support for the Yes! To Fairer Votes campaign in next year's AV referendum.

20:00 to 21:15 What now for Green Issues in the Coalition
About: Now we are in government, what will happen nationally to sustainability and environmental issues?
Speaker/Artist(s) Info: Rt Hon Chris Huhne MP, Energy Minister, leads the discussion including a speaker from the Conservative Environmental

22.00 – 23.30
Blog Of The Year Awards 'Join LDV and online friends for a walk down the yellow carpet to award the 2010 BOTYs'. Mark Reckons is up for an award which, if he wins I will take it too him on his behalf.

07.15 – 08.30 London Detainee Support Group: The Detained Lives campaign
'The real cost of indefinite immigration detention The detention system needs reform. Migrants who cannot be deported are detained for years, at great human cost. How can we change the detention system to respect civil liberties, based on the manifesto pledge?'

13.00 – 14.00 CentreForum and Fabian Society
Is the Lib-Lab coalition gone forever? Speakers: Prof Richard Grayson; Norman Lamb MP; David Lammy MP; Stephen Twigg MP (tbc). Chair: Michael White, The Guardian.
or LibDemVoice Fringe are having a Mystery Event with a Mystery Co-sponsor to chew the fat on the coalition – from some surprising perspectives! Full details on our website closer to the time.

At some point after these events/debates I will be leaving to visit Manchester. So enjoy the TV coverage and I will do my best to bring you any stories using my limited resources of an Iphone.


  1. Hi there,

    Hope you enjoyed conference! I was also there and helping out with the London Detainee Support Group fringe (I'm a volunteer there). Did you make it to the fringe event? Apologies if I actually spoke to you there and have not matched name to face - I met so many people at conference! But it would be great to know your thoughts on the meeting, and if you didn't make it, I'll happily tell you more about it!
    Hannah (

  2. Really sorry but I missed the planned meet in the end Hannah , although I think I met you, was you handing out leaflets?