Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What does Bracknell think? PAYE mistake

My fat face is once again in the 'What Does Bracknell Think?' column of the Bracknell Standard.
The question asked was "The Government has admitted more than six million people have paid either too much or too little tax over the past year. Some people face paying back around £1,400 and some will even receive a rebate. The Inland Revenue says the money must be paid back within a year, is this fair as it is that organisation that has made the mistake?
My response published in the paper was;
Yet again a government computer system was not up to the job. In a way it's like a lottery waiting to see if you win or lose this week.
Bearing this in mind then it is tempting to say it is an Inland Revenue mistake therefore they must pay for their errors. But it is right that people pay their proper amount of tax and that refunds are made inline with this. At least it can be paid back over time. But I suspect if I get a bill for £1,400 I won't be very happy about it.
Please let me know what you think?

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