Monday, 6 September 2010

Press on Andy Coulson is bring results

Old Holborn is rightly suspicious of the News of The World and in turn Andy Coulson. See Stop being so naive Iain...

I think it is very wrong to not employ people because of their previous history when nothing has been proven. Problem is this is politics and its nasty and dirty. Perhaps it is better for politicians to not employ the services of controversial figures even if they are good at their

I'm certainly no fan of Andy Coulson or the News of the World and I remain suspicious of his involvement in the phone hacking scandal. But the prove does seem tenuous.

One thing is for certain now that the Metropolitan Police is to examine new evidence, this is further proof that the more you can keep a story in the public eye the more chance the media and supporters of the story have of getting a result and a scalp.

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