Monday, 13 September 2010

Challenging the result of Oldham is important for truth

It's quite right that Elwyn Watkins who was the Lib Dem PPC is challenging the result of Phil Woolas's election in Oldham (see Phil Woolas campaign 'sought to make white folk angry').

For far too long candidates and parties have told half truths or invented false claims about some candidates by some from all parties. I want to see this stopped.

It's not because Elwyn Watkins is a Liberal Democrat, after all Elwyn may lose a second time. I would support this even if this was a challenge from a Labour PPC to a Lib Dem MP. I believe some get away with too much in politics just like some newspaper reports do during election campaigns.

It is important that truth is defended and lies are exposed.

Todays link is to Nick Thornsby blog has news on a campaign in Oldham thats already started - Are Labour Preparing to Lose in Oldham East & Saddleworth?

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