Saturday, 25 September 2010

Good Luck Ed

I rather enjoyed this blog 'Yes' on the Scarlet Standard, Emma Burnell should win the award for shortest blog!.

I'm pleased for Ed Miliband, for Labour, for progressive politics and maybe even for AV as Miliband is known to be a supporter.

Yes most MP's and members voted for David Miliband but I very much doubt Labour are split down the middle as some TV media have already speculated. Yes 10% of union members voted and this added to a 3rd of the vote. That is shockly unfair on the party members that are not also unions members (Who get a lesser vote due to numbers). The last round was David Miliband 49.35% (17.81% MPs and MEPs, 18.14% members, 13.40% unions), Ed Miliband 50.65% (15.52% MPs and MEPs, 15.1% members, 19.92% unions).

Just like all the speculation around the Liberal Democrats or the coalition the media are hunting for difference. I'm a big fan of different views in parties and I don't see why at this point it should be a problem for Labour. Labour will unite around their candidate. I do not wish them to have the number of leader changes the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats had while Tony Blair was in power. It's not that fun.

Full round of results are;
* Round 1: David Miliband 37.78%, Ed Miliband 34.33% Diane Abbott eliminated
* Round 2: David Miliband 38.89%, Ed Miliband 37.47%. Andy Burnham eliminated
* Round 3: David Miliband 42.72%, Ed Miliband 41.26%, Ed Balls eliminated
* Round 4: David Miliband 49.35%, Ed Miliband 50.65%. Ed Miliband wins.

All that said I do hope Ed Miliband does not choose Ed Balls to be his shadow chancellor. I don't think that would be a popular move among the public.

Todays link is to Stephen Liberal Jounal who uses MArk Reckons Tweet to explain that theres Six Votes In It: Ed Miliband's Margin of Victory.


  1. another politician who has never had a proper job and has no experience of the real world, or any substance to his experience

    this transformation of politics into a pure breed of professional politician with no substance is very very bad for the country

  2. Anonymous, yes this is a gripe of mine too. In all parties frankly, he worked within the party then got a safe seat, this is why we need voting reform.