Wednesday, 1 September 2010

This makes me want to leave politics

Today I tweeted this "@GuidoFawkes Disgusting you & the press have lost a man his job, caused family heartache & have committed a big error @iaindale was right" (see Guido Fawkes Should Cease & Desist). This was in response to Christopher Myers resigns from the FCO, citing “untrue and malicious allegations” with William Hague. See Guy Fawkes Blog Exclusive : Hague Shared Night in Hotel Bedroom with SpAd.

This type of story where the media and/or bloggers try to out someone for being gay and therefore cheating on their wife because two men share the same room (yep I have done this too, so what? no nothing happened!). Sharing rooms is a good idea, it keeps the cost down.

This just the kind of thing that makes me want to leave politics.

I'm in this game to make a difference and I am happy to disagree and argue out different views. I understand that the vast majority of people who are in politics are there for good reasons. Me may just disagree on how to get there and how to achieve the best results and on our priorities, political beliefs and how to use power. But I am not in this game to slag of people's personalities as with the recent Labour books or examine politicians personal lifes.

Please can we just get on with governing the country and can we critise the government for what they do and not who we think the people in it could or could not be doing in their private lives.

I have had a drink with GuidoFawkes at last years Liberal Democrat conference. Hes a very interesting chap to share some beers with. I just think he has called this one wrong. I would like to see him be big enough to admit this. We wait an see.


  1. nah sunshine

    he's exposed another lying, hypocritical, thieving hoon

    deal with it

  2. Is it politics or homophobia?

  3. I too found this story shocking! Was given some good advice a while ago: attack the policies not the people!