Monday, 13 September 2010

TUC approves co-ordinated strikes

I'm not so sure co-ordinated strikes are really going to help protect jobs during cuts? This move will split the country and could build a concenus against the unions. I would prefer the union to offer other ideas to the coalition such as detail on where taxes could be increased and on what could be cut.

Lets not go back to the old days of industrial action. We need to change the economy so that we are not reliant on public sector jobs but have our own industrial and services base. We need to redirect funds to change our economy so we are not reliant on public spending to keep the wheels turning. It is a false economy.

I also wonder why the unions did not support Labour more before the general election. The unions were involved in industrial action that hurt the Labour government and yet they did not defend Labour policy until after they lost the election.

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