Sunday, 5 September 2010

Have Lib Dems lost their innocence‏?

The problem with being out of power is that people accuse the party of not being capable of being in power and of having high and mighty ideas that in reality are not practical. This practicality of policy takes a tougher test when spending needs to be cut. The reality test is something Labour may have to consider at some point during the next few years as you can't campaign on making cuts later if there is not a recession and that time has passed.

Of course I would say that Lib Dem policies were practical and great steps have been made to justify the cost of these policies in recent times. But now the Lib Dem's can say look we can handle power. Problem is we also can't say, look we are different as we have not been tainted by power. We can not appear as innocence and separate ourselves from the two bigger parties because we are now part of the same homogenous group of those that have been in government.

Making a case for being different, refreshing and for change will not perhaps be possible. It's going to be very hard to change our way of campaigning now that we have been bloodied by government.

Liberal Democrats have lost their innocence or at least I know I have. Because we are no longer the sandal wearing geeky Liberal but a suit wearing embattled Liberal.

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