Thursday, 16 September 2010

Save our Blogosphere

Spiderplant Land has put keyboard to blog and written a post about 'Encouraging the blogosphere and challenging the status quo' .The blogosphere has become a little predictable over the last year or so with no real movement. I think the bigger issue as Iain Dale points out (in (Is the MSM Eating Up the Blogosphere?). It is hacks and other established media blogs taking over from independent bloggers (that is to say bloggers who are not paid for by a media organisation).
Blogs should be an alternative to the media to allow other expression. This take over will hide the voices of the masses in threads rather than articles. This is not a good thing for free speech, we are liberated by the internet to express ourselves.
But you can help by letting other bloggers know about your blog.
Unfortunately I'm not aware of any new blogs that have continued for longer than a year. So if you are new to blogging please let me know in the comments. I will link to you in this post.

UPDATE: We have our first taker, a very new Labour blogger Ingoratio. His first two posts are Why it’s time we got excited about the Big Society  and Principles and how to get around them. Welcome to the Blogosphere.


  1. Just started a blog yesterday - any help to get it off the ground would be really appreciated!

  2. You can count me in, would be great to get an independent bloggers network going! BryantPedia -