Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Ed Miliband's £1,373 tax bombshell scare

Conservative Home are carrying a story on a perceived Ed Miliband's £1,373 tax bombshell. It states;

'Tonight Matt Hancock has returned to the attack, accusing the new Labour leader of needing £35bn of tax rises to meet his plans.

* £35bn of tax rises means £1,373 per household...
* Equivalent to 7p on Income tax or VAT of 25% or £1.59 on every litre of petrol.'

This is based on what Ed Miliband stated while running for the Labour leadership using both the governments deficit reducing measures that he opposes and the spending promises he made. But to be honest I think this no basis for a Labour government policy.

Yes They may be more likely to increase taxes and cut less. But they also plan to do this over a longer period. I thinks its fair to argue that Labour would have to tax more but not coming up with some superficial figure.

Matt Hancock MP really has no idea what Ed Miliband and Labour will plan to do in government, this is just scare tactics. This is the sort of rubbish that turns people off from politics and I wish parties and MP's would leave this rubbish to the newspapers.


  1. A shadow cabinet hasn't even been appointed yet. It's ridiculous.

  2. It's a bit rich coming from the panicking Tories. They give all our money to the banking classes.

  3. Just one area of relief for the taxpayer:
    According to calculations by accountants Smith & Williamson, council tax increased by more than any other direct or indirect personal tax under Labour, with the exception of stamp duty on house purchase.

    Council taxpayers will have good reason to be grateful for the decision not to revalue bands until 2015. The current eight bands of council tax are based on house prices in 1991 and it is estimated that home improvements – such as conservatories and extensions – meant Labour's revaluation would have increased council tax bills by an average of £320 a year.

    In addition it has called time on a big chunk of Labour's state snoopers and surveillance state - We also save on the cost of this.

    The Local government resource review will also examine ways of making councils less vulnerable to the whims of Whitehall funding, which was a key driver in forcing up council tax under Labour.

    Let's have no more hidden taxation in other areas as well. Perhaps Miliband will now tell us how he'd cut the deficit. He promised us a Labour spending plan before the spending review, now perhaps we can see it?
    Maybe he could also comment on how the International Monetary Fund says that the UK economy is on the mend and praised the coalition government for its hardline approach to cutting the budget deficit?

  4. now thated milliband has admitted that immigration is out of control, and that its not racist to question it, i notice nick boles mp has stirred up debate in the conservative party about immigration and the only party looking out of touch with the british people is er the liberals

    with all your liberal contacts please do find out for us why the senior liberals think that flooding the country with indian nationals working for the outsourcers and subcontracted into other companies for less than a brit can afford to work for is a good idea? there definitely is not a shortage of british workers as wankers like the CBI recon, its just good old fashioned free market slavery

    do let us know

  5. I think your find it was david Cameron who grave promises to India on hi recent trip to get more business from India. He gave assurances then. Lib dems are ok with the coalition cap it's the tempory cap in the mean time that they think is hurting business. If eea laws were applied to non eea countries then Indians would not find so many jobs in the UK. It's also corporations who are manipulating the system.

  6. Also lib dem policy is for regional caps which would control immigration in different areas so that where skills sets can't and found in the UK or people won't do certain jobs then those people fr out side of the eu would be allowed to work. Many are not immigrants btw but temporary workers.

  7. Anyway this post is not about immigration. Other posts are I think your find I'm not for mass immigration undercutting UK wages . See my other blogs